How to Setup 200% Website Growth Today using Free Advertising [Easy Tutorial]

Disclosure: There'll be no annoying pop up subscription lists, "whitepapers", "Free reports", or coaching. Enjoy!

free advertising

01 Which Platform to Use?

Foxrater is a free display network. By displaying 2x small ads on your site, your promo ad will display on other sites. Let's say you have 1000 visitors/month; your site will be seen by 1000 other people, doubling your audience. It's free and ongoing. There is a strict policy that all ads are "family-friendly", so there's no viagra ads, weight loss pills, or anything sexual.


02 What it Does for You

  • Will double your audience at all times. It's not a once event, or only doubling your audience at time of signing up, it's ongoing. Whatever your traffic is in a month will be an equal volume of free promotional ad impressions.
  • Eliminates advertising financial risk. So this, in turn, eliminates worrying about risk/reward projections as it's risk-free. This is a competitive edge to keep you in the game.
  • Targeted audience. Your website will be aligned with similar demographics, mainly gender.
  • Anti-competitor guarantee. When joining, you set your topic, type of website, and audience gender. Eg Fitness, Informative (blog), Females.
  • Safe content. There is a strict rule to be 'family-friendly' advertisements. No viagra ads etc. We review, delete, and block inappropriate content.
  • Global distribution


03 What it Doesn't do

  • Highly targetted campaigns. Currently, the designed intention isn't targeting specific cities, interests, age ranges. It's about global distribution. So that's perfect for digital products, blogs, or anything where geolocation isn't critical.
  • Guarantee high traffic. Your promotions will be displayed all around the world, but it can't force people to click and visit your site. This is true of any form of advertising. But don't be deterred, it's not the hardest thing. Just endeavor to do things better than your competitors, and create visually appealing ads. Use Canva for free


04 Step-by-step guide [Allow 40 minutes]:

STEP 1. Click here to sign up. You can login with Facebook, or simply enter name, email, password.

free advertising

STEP 2. After logging in, put in details that descrbe your website; topic, type, audience gender. Click 'Save', then 'Double your reach".

free advertising

STEP 3. These are HTML code blocks. When you paste them into your site, they will automatically display ads. Choose a size from Ad#1 and Ad#2. Whichever suits your website layout.

free advertising

STEP 4. People have different frameworks: Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML etc. Whichever you have, just make sure it's a HTML enabled text space. Otherwise it will just display it as text. For this tutorial I'll use Wordpress as it's the most used framework on Earth. We'll insert ad spaces in the sidebar. Go to Appearance > Customise > Widgets > Sidebar. Create 'Custom HTML' in 2 locations. Paste Ad#1 codeblock in first, and Ad#2 codeblock in second.

free advertising

STEP 5. You can rearrange the order of sidebar. Check the 2x ads are displayed, then refresh the page (F5)

free advertising

Return to Foxrater login area and you should see green light indicating it's ready.

free advertising

STEP 6. It's time to create your ad. Create an ad for free at Create an account with Facebook, then you'll need to create 2 different ad sizes:

    492 wide x 328 high (Side bar size)

  • 728 wide x 90 high (Banner size)

    free advertising

STEP 7. There are lots of templates you can use

free advertising

STEP 8. Download your ad. Repeat the process so you have the 2 different ad sizes

free advertising

STEP 9.Return to Foxrater login area, and upload your 2x ads. Put in the URL of your site where you want custmers to land. Click 'Save' and you're all done!

free advertising

[Bonus] Some thoughts about Paid Advertising

05 The problem with Facebook advertising...

Most advertising is a bidding process. Highest bidders get the highest exposure, so then down from there depending on what your bid was. Even if it's not a direct bidding system, it's rates are set by the free market: in other words the more it's in demand, the higher the price goes. Every market works this way: it's supply and demand. The important point here is that a given price doesn't mean it's worth that price and that you'll profit advertising at that rate. It's easy to think "other people are buying it, so it must be effective". No. Advertisers around the world get a negative ROI every day. Facebook has become very popular for advertising, so there would be an endless line of budding entrepreneurs lining up to buy ad space. High demand = high price. But many are losing money because it's overpriced. I've used Facebook advertising several times,and the CPC (cost per click) can be ridiculous. It seems a minimum $1. I once ran a very targeted campaign, and the CPA (Cost per 1000 actions: likes, reactions) reached $150. These figures are awful, and difficult to profit from. Let's start with $1 per click: it can take 50-1000s clicks to get a sale. Selling things for $10 profit on Facebook is advertising suicide. In my view, Facebook would only be viable with a minimum $100 profit margin, but even then it's full of risk. Your advertising bill will add up very fast, and you risk losing a heap of money.


06 Targeting Non-English countries

It is worthwhile advertising in non-English speaking countries. There is billions in sales to be be made outside the status quo of United States etc. By setting up your website with multiple languages, aside from opening yourself up to world markets, a bonus benefit is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Google will rank you higher. You don't need all the languages, even just add one extra to get started. The best results as recommended by Google, is to have seperate pages for each language of choice. Examples:

Relying on the browser to translate is a bad idea as it will likely make mistakes and confuse customers. Instead, 'hard code' the language into the page. It's very easy to get your website translated professionally. is a freelancer marketplace where people will translate your site for just $5.


[Bonus] Affiliate marketing growth hacks

Advertising is just one component of growth. Your strategy needs to be optimized for higher conversions.

07 Sell high percent profit margins

Efficient selling is selling the lowest cost sale for the highest profit. Investing time and money promoting something for a 3% profit is a bad risk. 2 examples, same profit. Which is easier to sell?

  • $1000 Product x 3% = $30 profit.
  • $75 Product x 40% = $30 profit.


08 Value-added proposition

Affiliate marketing is a great thing, but you need to be mindful of the fact it's a low barrier to entry. In other words it's pretty easy to join, so there are many competitors. But there's way to differentiate yourself. Anyone can simply add links, or do reviews like "hey, buy this thing". But you can do better this and stand out. The majority is lazy and wants 100% passive income without effort. That's a cool goal, but if you're willing to add value, you will be top 1% of affiliate marketers. So, add a value proposition. Be upfront that your site is affiliated, but offer a bonus product/service that they can't get elsewhere. Here's an example with Wix website builder - their affiliate commission is $100. Offer 1.5hrs SEO consultation or something. So yes it's not entirely passive income, but making $100 for 1.5hrs work is a great income. Offering a bonus product/service will greatly improve your conversion rate. Most people still won't buy from you, but you might be able to improve the conversion rate to 1 in 100, which is very high performance.


The Host with the Most

If you don't have web hosting yet, NameCheap is one of the best and cheapest you'll find.
The hosting is under $3/month and that's the 'stellar' plan with unlimited websites.


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